Bird Galleries Like None Other

My Costa Rica Bird Galleries by Species have many helpful characteristics for birders or anyone interested in Costa Rica birds that no other online gallery has nor does any book other than maybe Aves de Costa Rica by Garrigues & Dean and it, like its English version is out of date with many incorrect bird names.

One example of 360 galleries. Note English, Spanish & Scientific Names!

My bird galleries have:

  • Photos of 360+ species of birds in Costa Rica arranged by taxonomy families as in the Princeton Field Guide: Birds of Central America, the most up-to-date birding book for Costa Rica at this time.
  • Up-to-date official English Names (constantly changing) based on the latest from eBird
  • Spanish Names as given in the only Spanish bird book for Costa Rica, Aves de Costa Rica. Note that these have not been changing like the English names and thus often parallel the old English names. PLUS I include the Otros nombres en español that are included in the above Spanish bird book since different regions of the country use different names.
  • The Latin Scientific Name of every bird has recently been added to my gallery of Costa Rica Birds.
  • And as I try to do with all my photos in all my galleries, I have included the specific location in which each bird was photographed. That can particularly help birders who are looking for a specific species they have not yet seen or photographed.
  • All of the above information is included on each photo in the galleries as Keywords making searches easier. 
  • Downloading photo files is free from any of my galleries. Just look for the downward pointing arrow below an enlarged image or use the old fashion way with a right click.
  • You can order quality prints or wall art on metal or canvas of any of the images you consider good enough for those purposes. I have some bad images just to show that a bird was seen in a particular place, but some of my images make great wall art and I personally prefer the ones printed on metal. This is a service of SmugMug Galleries with Bay Photos. This is not a source of income for me and thus my markup is only $1.
  • There is also a link at the top of every page to my Bookstore where you can find find my books of bird photos and many other Costa Rica subjects!

If you love the birds of Costa Rica, I hope you will find my photo galleries helpful to you in studying and learning the locations of these many birds!

Just one of the 360 galleries.

¡Pura Vida!

Breathtaking Moments!

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,

but by the moments that take our breath away.

~ Unknown

And with the extra “down time” I’ve had, thanks to Coronavirus, and the inability to travel around Costa Rica, I’ve been able to organize more of my past photos which represent “the moments that have taken my breath away!” And I hope to start collecting more new “moments” by restarting my Costa Rica travels in July – I will have to wait and see if lodges are open and that can happen!   🙂   So for now it’s Tennessee & other travels!   🙂

When not busy with all the daily necessities of life, Spanish lessons, other reading, or writing one of these blog posts, I am usually working on organizing thousands of past photos, mostly made between 1999 & 2014. They will soon all be in one place, in my public photo gallery hosted by and seamlessly looking like a part of my WordPress website/blog page,, where you are reading this right now. Just click “gallery” at top of the page to see the photo galleries. Or for the new ones . . .

International & Non-TN Travel Moments

All of my travel photos outside Tennessee have been organized into travel galleries collectively called Pre-Costa-Rica TRAVEL Gallery (trips before Dec. 2014) found below all my Costa Rica galleries in the Big Gallery with many breath-taking moments from the Amazon to Africa + Yellowstone to Grand Canyon! In addition I have started TRAVEL pages on my website where I will continue to add stories and other information beyond these photos, including travel-related pages from my journals over the years. As always, this site is a creative work in progress!

Some Tennessee Moments Now Ready

I’ve completed what may be the two biggest “Pre-Costa Rica TENNESSEE Photos” galleries with my Tennessee State Parks gallery (the feature photo) and Tennessee State Natural Areas gallery, but much more to do for Tennessee yet, not to mention thousands of Nashville photos for that separate gallery!  But . . .

Costa Rica Moments are Up-to-Date!

I call my big gallery “Charlie Doggett’s COSTA RICA” and it is pretty much up to date in every sub-galleries about Costa Rica, especially the Costa Rica TRIPS gallery which is mainly what this post is about.!   🙂   Or my biggest collections are my BIRDS galleries.

My life has been blessed with many “breath-taking moments” and I’ve recorded a whole lot of them in photos. Check ’em out!   🙂

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”
― Rumi

¡Pura Vida!

Spanish Names Added to CR Birds Gallery

For the last two weeks I have been adding the Spanish name after the English name on each of my 337 Costa Rica Bird Galleries, one bird at a time! My source was the fairly new book Aves de Costa Rica, Guia de Campo by Garrigues and Dean which is available only in bookstores and lodges here in Costa Rica, while the English version, Birds of Costa Rica is available on as well.  This Spanish version is a translation of this older English version, Second Edition and is my first printed source of Spanish names for the birds here in Costa Rica. Nicaragua had one first that is bilingual!   🙂

I should add that for my English bird information I now use the more up-to-date Princeton Field Guide to Birds of Central America. My online source of birding information is Cornell’s eBird and Neotropical Birds websites. But even they do not have the Spanish names added to their articles. Wikipedia does but it is not specific to Costa Rica like the above book and my web gallery and I’m not sure of their sources.

Needless to say, this makes my web gallery of Costa Rica Birds one of the best online and the only one I know of that is bilingual, though I only have photos of 337 species out of over 900 here – so a long way to go!   🙂

“The presence of a single bird can change everything for one who appreciates them.”
― Julie Zickefoose

¡Pura Vida!


Arenal Trip Photo Gallery

Wow! Another great trip to one of my top 5 or 6 favorite places in Costa Rica, Arenal Observatory Lodge, with photos of 49 bird species , including the two new lifers for me! Plus 7 other animal species, a new birding trail (Bogarín), the waterfall, wonderful hiking trails and gardens to walk through, and the tallest birding tower in Costa Rica where this year I got lots of Honeycreepers in place of all the monkeys photographed last year, plus a repeat of my favorite room 29 and really good food! I have been so busy after the trip that it has been difficult to process all the photos, but finally done! Check them out at (or click image):



Leave the road, take the trails.


Arenal Observatory Lodge, Costa Rica

¡Pura Vida!

New CR Birds Photo Gallery

My Costa Rica Birds Gallery is still big with almost 270 species of birds included but is a little cleaner and easier to use now, especially for birders. Instead of one gallery with a jumble of 400 to 500 photos arranged alphabetically, it is now a folder with a SEPARATE GALLERY FOR EACH SPECIES so there is no longer the confusion of having multiple images of some species, but when you browse you will only look at one image of each species and then click it if you want to see that image larger or see multiple images of that bird. A separate gallery for each species. That will make it even more efficient as my collection of bird photos grows and gets better!

Plus birders will especially like that I have them ARRANGED BY FAMILIES or in the order found in the book The Birds of Costa Rica, A Field Guide. 

Go directly to my new bird gallery:   Costa Rica Birds by Species (269)

Emerald Toucanet — One of the 269 species in my new CR Birds gallery.


And you might want to know that I am uploading the full-size image here so you can DOWNLOAD ONE FOR FREE and use as you wish or PURCHASE A PHOTO (like the above Toucanet) as a “Card,” “Paper Print,” “Wall Art” print (I’m favoring high-gloss metal now) “Keepsake,” or “Phone Case.” It is a service of with multiple vendors at their prices with me getting only $1 per order which is okay with me because I’m retired now!  🙂 And not in business! At the bottom of each enlarged photo is a green button BUY for you to go to the purchase options. Check it out for all the neat options for some of my birds or other Costa Rica photos!

Flash Postscript!  2 of my photos made the final 10 cut for header of the Facebook Group Atenas Costa Rica Info  Mine are the Spanish Dancers & the Pink & Blue Sunset Mountains. For a header I prefer the sunset photo as better for type face going over it, but I do not expect to win, believing that either the orange tree or green landscape will win and of those two I prefer the landscape also because it is better for titles printing over it. Members of the facebook group vote for the new group header photo.

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”
― Henri Cartier-Bresson

Hopefully I am beyond 10,000 by now!   🙂   ¡Pura Vida!

BROWSING My Photo Gallery

Charlie Doggett’s COSTA RICA
To get to gallery, click above image or title, then click Browse or scroll down to the above.
Each of  the 9 titles/images above take you into a folder of photo galleries on that subject. 
Here’s an outline of what is in each folder: 
Costa Rica Birds (242 species)
Nicaragua Birds (98 species)
Panama Birds (57 species)
Mexico Birds (24 species)
Guatemala Birds (18 species)
Cuba Birds (11 species)
Brazil Amazon Birds (17 species)

Other Insects (40 species)
Mammals (27 species)
Amphibians (18 species)
Reptiles (25 species)
Others Not fitting above (1 species)

My Home Gardens
Caribbean Coast
Pacific Coast
Talamanca Mountains
Monteverde & Arenal/Poas
Rancho Naturalista Flowers
Villa Blanca Cloud Forest
Walking in Atenas

From my Roca Verde Terrace
From the Hill Above my House
From Hacienda La Jacaranda Apartments
Caribbean Beaches
Pacific Beaches
Miscellaneous Costa Rica Vistas
Neighboring Country: Nicaragua Vistas
Neighboring Country: Guatemala Vistas
Neighboring Country: Panama Vistas
Neighboring Country: Mexico Vistas

Campesinos Waterfall, Quepos
Cloudbridge Reserve Waterfalls (2)
Corcovado National Park (3)
Hanging Bridges Waterfall
La Paz Waterfalls (5)
Manantial de Agua Viva Waterfall, Carara
San Gerardo de Dota Waterfalls (2)
San Luis Waterfall, Monteverde

Costa Rica Lodges & Hotels (33)
Nicaragua Lodges & Hotels (5)
Panama Lodges & Hotels (4)
My Rent House in Roca Verde
Hacienda La Jacaranda Apartments
Atenas General Shots
Atenas Public Art & Grafitti                   RAN OUT OF TIME LINKING TITLES!
Atenas Home Business Signs                                    Sorry!
Churches Costa Rica
Churches Nicaragua
Alajuela, Costa Rica
San Jose, Costa Rica
Small Towns Costa Rica

Tamale Making Class
Independence Day Parade 2017
Independence Day Parade 2016

Independence Day Parade 2015
Oxcart Parade 2017
Oxcart Parade 2015 & 2016
Day of Cultures 2017
Other Fiestas in Atenas Central Park
Atenas Easter Processional 2017
Granada, Nicaragua Easter Processionals 2016
Atenas Easter Processional 2015
Cuban Swan Lake Ballet, San Jose
My Visitors from the States
My 75th Birthday Party
My 76th Birthday Party (Let’s wait until 80th now!)
Photos of Me

2017-Dec-3–InterNations at Zooave
2017-Nov-14–Atenas Expats Tour San Jose
2017-Nov-6-10–Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Resort
2017-Sept-Oct–Three Day Trips Nearby
2017-Sept-4-8–Caribe Banana Azul, Puerto Viejo
2017-July-29–Tarcoles River Day Trip
2017-July-3-7–Rancho Naturalista, Turrialba
2017-May-1-6–Drake Bay & Corcovado
2017-April-22–Camino de Costa rica Day Hike
2017-April-13–Tarcoles River Day Trip
2017-March-18-22–Tenorio Park & Celeste Mtn. Lodge
2017-Feb-16-18–San Jose City Visit
2016-Dec-23-27–Sarapiqui Selva Verde Lodge
2016-Dec-16-Tarcoles River Day Trip
2016-Sept-15-20–Manzanillo Tent Hotel
2016-Aug-21-24–Flamingo Beach & Palo Verde Park
2016-Jun-28-30–Western Nicaragua
2016-May-22-23–Carara Park & Cerro Lodge
2016-May-20-22–Campesinos near Quepos
2016-Mar-22-30–Nicaragua Bird Tour
2016-Feb-14–Toledo Coffee Farm Tour
2016-Feb-12–Atenas Railroad Museum
2016-Feb-11–La Paz Waterfall Gardens
2016-Jan-27-30–Healthcare Tour & San Ramon Visit
2015-Dec-30–Visa Run to Nicaragua Border
2015-Dec-6-9–Rancho Naturalista, Turrialba
2015-Oct-8–Visa Run to Penas Blanca, Nicaragua
2015-Sept-25-27–San Gerardo de Dota
2015-Sept-23-25–Chirripo & Cloudbridge
2015-Aug-21-24–Bribri Yorkin Reserve, Caribe
2015-Aug-20-21–Puerto Viejo de Talamanca
2015-Jul-29-Aug-1–Tarcoles & Carara
2015-Jul-8–Visa Run to Nicaragua border
2015-Mar-29+–Five CR Towns Visited w/ Kevin
2015-Mar-25-27–Manuel Antonio Park
2015-Mar-25–Tarcoles River 
2015-Mar-23–Poas & La Paz Waterfalls Garden
2015-Mar-22–Toledo Coffee Farm Tour
2015-Mar-15–Visa Run to Nicaragua
2015-Feb-28–Tope de Mercedes
2015- Feb-19–Tarcoles River Day Trip
+10 Latin American Trips BEFORE moving to Costa Rica

A gallery of 22 Haiku Poems, each on one of my photos, 3 en español


Sorry but I ran out of time linking every gallery title, but I hope you will explore my photo galleries and realize that the TRIPS gallery is almost like a photo diary of my trips and is where you get a chronological report of what I do in my retirement in Costa Rica. Enjoy!  

Hotel Banana Azul

Too many clouds for a traditional sunrise this morning, but I thought this shot to left of the sun was okay.
Hotel Banana Azul, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica


The Garden I face from the Dining Room  —   Bird feeder off to the right
Hotel Banana Azul, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica


This morning I decided to not keep posting so many photos on the blog, thus began my trip photo gallery for this experience where you can find lots of photos! Since this was to be the hotel post today, I will give links to three sub-galleries on the very relaxed and enjoyable Hotel Banana Azul:


Or for the whole trip, go to my trip photo gallery called
2017 Sept 4-8 — Caribe Banana Azul Puerto Viejo
including my visit to Cahuita National Park & Samasati Reserve
And/or check out the Hotel Banana Azul Web Page
And plan ahead! They stay booked solid much of the time,
even in the “off season” which it is now.
This new caribe gallery is the latest of my “TRIPS” Photo Galleries
where I am working backwards to document my Costa Rica trips
and neighboring countries’ trips in my bigger CR gallery:
At the time of this posting, I’m back to July 2015
and the trips started in January 2015!
Almost finished! Travel with Kevin is next!
¡Pura Vida!

New Photo Gallery Under Construction

For many reasons I decided to move all my Costa Rica photos into a new photo gallery outside my old PBase gallery which for now I will keep for “history” or pre-Costa Rica photos as is. After checking out several possibilities, I chose as the host and I am working on a new gallery there that will be formatted more like a website I am calling:

Screen Print of Home Page  –  GO THERE NOW!

Please be patient. It is a long way from finished since I have to upload and label each individual photo one at a time. But I think you will like it when finished! You can simply BROWSE as on any website, but also with a powerful search engine you can SEARCH for and bring up all photos for say one place name or one bird, etc. In the case of birds, they are listed alphabetically by the English name, but with SEARCH you can get a lot of other combinations.

The GALLERIES of photos are organized first in FOLDERS by subject or theme such as “Birds” or “Vistas.”  In each gallery you can click the button SLIDESHOW for the best full screen viewing of those photos. Or PASS YOUR CURSOR OVER PHOTO FOR TITLE & LOCATION. Then at the bottom of each photo and top of each gallery is a button labeled BUY that takes you to a multitude of sizes and mediums to order a copy of the photo, from a regular 4×6 print or large wall hanger to a greeting card. Fun!

Changing the subject:

Interesting Article: Expats Moving to Costa Rica Discover Healthier Lifestyles!

Tortuguero Miscellaneous Photos

Okay. I’ll try to make this the last post from Tortuguero, then back to Atenas posts tomorrow!  🙂

Bus window view of Chiquita Banana Plantation, Costa Rica
Modern buses like this is how many tourists get around inside Costa Rica.
All the dozen or so lodges have boats making the 1.5 hours trip into park.

Our group on one of the Laguna Lodge boats enroute to lodge.
Robert Umaña, our guide, listening for a bird or other animal.

Robert using sand drawings to tell us about the life cycles of
the green sea turtles that lay their eggs on this beach and each
baby that makes it goes to ocean and returns years later to lay their own eggs.
One of the many river channels and canals we traveled looking for wildlife.

Another lodge’s guide pointing out a bird, monkey or other animal.

Unidentified butterflies/moths in our Laguna Lodge garden.
Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica
Pura Vida!

This trip significantly improved some of my photo collections in the PBase Galleries:
Later I will be adding a trip gallery in the travel section of my galleries, but not enough time yet!