Exploring Rental Houses

A new friend who visited Atenas once and is coming back for 3 months to find if this is really where he wants to retire and maybe find a specific place to live long term. He asked me to check out a rent house he found online listed by owner and I made him a temporary Photo Gallery of the House. I just sent him the link and then thought that others might like to see what you could rent in Atenas for less than $600 a month! Just click the gallery link above. It is 3.9 km from the center of town.

His possible rental house overlooks a beautiful valley and is
surrounded by nature and a mountain resort next door he can use.
Atenas, Costa Rica
Having butterflies is important to me and there were
several right in front of his potential house.
Red-Spotted Patch Butterfly
Atenas, Costa Rica

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  1. Charlie did an excellent job of inspecting and photographing the home. However I am looking at staying 6 months not just 3 which means I will have to move at end of January. If I can find someone to rent/lease me a motorcycle/scooter i will rent the house immediately. Thanks again Charlie!!!!

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