Correction in Yesterday’s Web Link

University of Costa Rica

I was trying to link to the University of Costa Rica medical school and when I googled it the paid ad of a private medical school here came up first and that was the link I used. Sorry! The above link is to the real university website and you can drill down to the medical school or other information about the university. And I just corrected my original post. Money rules even on Google searches! Where you can pay to be listed first!    🙂

Renown medical journal
University of Costa Rica

The university medical school does a twice a year medical research journal called Revista Médica that is well-respected throughout the Americas. And of course they train most of the doctors in Costa Rica along with a few other Latin American medical schools like UCIMED I mistakenly linked to yesterday and a few medical schools in other countries, including the USA.

Most doctors here work for salary through the government health plan where no patient is turned down because of “pre-existing conditions” and there is not expensive co-pay like in the states. The outstanding single-payer healthcare services here contribute to Costa Rica having a healthier population than the United States. And I think the relaxed, happier, pura vida attitude helps too! It is a great, healthy place to live!

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