Happy, Hard-working Garden Crew

Fun for me to watch it quickly take shape

A large Heliconia will be the centerpiece of this garden
Planting the Triquitraque vines at top which will take time to grow and
hang down, covering the walls, maybe by August or certainly by December

We got along fine and I really like Cristian, the crew leader and owner, and each of the 4 workers just as well. All were so friendly, and trying hard to please me. I’m not used to that! Of course I tipped them! And I provided agua frio, iced water, before their morning break when they shared a loaf of bread together. Just a neat group of guys! They came at 7:20 or so and finished at about 10:30. They did in 3 hours what would have taken me months to complete

I’ve also talked to Cristian about coming back with another Red Palm at the other street-side corner at end of patio-balcony, plus a Guarumo Tree to attract toucans, and a banana tree to attract me!  🙂 And mulch for the flowerbed which I’m choosing over rocks used a lot here or ground cover. Also my landlord stopped by and he asked them to return and plant something to shield my bedroom window from street and replace three street-side palms at his expense. So the outside of this place is really taking shape! Now this afternoon I have some shopping to do at Price Smart and will also get a water hose. Soon I won’t need it with the heavier rains coming, but now we are just getting light showers in afternoon and I must keep these plants alive!
I highly recommend J&C Gardens if you live anywhere near Atenas or La Garita. You can email Cristian (who speaks English) at jycgardens@gmail.com or call him at 8873-7483 cellular. Tell him Charlie recommended him!

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