Questioning the “Happier than Billionaires” Video

Earlier I posted a link to the popular YouTube video “Happier than Billionaires in Costa Rica,” thinking it pretty cool and certainly another push for me to move there. But another video I saw last night helped me get a reality check on it. First, note that both the husband and wife are sort of doctors (chiropractors) who closed their practices in the states and obviously have plenty of money. Second, they are “house-sitting” someone else’s big mansion they were photographed in. Thirdly, all that wine-sipping, mountain-biking, surfing, etc. is not free! They are spending a lot more than the budget they suggested they lived on.

It sunk in more after finding this funny “rebuttal” video last night by a totally different kind of guy, without money, living on the cheap, trying to get income from a travel website. He titled it “Living Like a Billionaire Rebuttal.”  I have also added this in my earlier post so I am not guilty of candy-coating the cost of living overseas like the first video and most of the stuff I get from International Living website and magazine. I’m getting tired of them mainly trying to sell me something. It is interesting to note that the girl in the first video has also written a book by the same title, so the video is part promotional for her book. I bet it is working! 

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