“Doing Due Diligence” or “Life for the Non-Rich in Costa Rica”

White-necked Jacobin Hummingbird
Savegre Mountain Lodge, Talamanca Mountains
Photo by Charlie Doggett

Another website I have discovered uses the slogan “Doing Due Diligence” which has sort of been my unstated slogan, so I like it! I hope to have many if not most questions answered before I take the August tour and be totally prepared to make a decision in September. We’ll see!  🙂  This guy is a competitor to Christopher Howard whom I’ve signed up with and even has his own shorter tour along with some interesting videos and other information on his website worth checking out:

Another one of his slogans is “Life for the Non-Rich in Costa Rica” which fits me better than some of what I’m reading. Part of what bothers me about International Living site and magazine is their focus on buying property. So I may continue to read this guy even though I’m taking Chris Howard’s tour, the best tour available by my evaluation so far. So I’m doing my due diligence by checking out everything and hope my blogging about it will help someone else facing the same decision. Now this guy, George Lundquist, seems to be a straight-shooting, get the facts kind of guy that I like from his site. So I will be back to this site and may even consider getting a private tour from him later. He lives in and seems to feature San Ramon which I haven’t given a lot of thought to yet. It has drop-dead beautiful views, is 40 minutes from San Jose and an hour from the beach. That might be the kind of in-between place I would like, especially if I could rent something with a view like he shows!
See some of the videos on his site or for more videos, another site called Boomers Offshore with videos and newsletter, or go straight to their list of 150+ videos on living in Costa Rica
I’m finding more, but that’s a lot to share in one day! It is encouraging to me because one of my requirements is that I must live cheaper than I do now with some basic “luxuries” as a minimum like high-speed internet, good medical care, and affordable transportation in a cheap rental with a great view. I’m not asking for too much am I? 

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