2 Flowering Weeds

The next day after photographing them the gardeners cut them down with their weed eaters! 🙂 And NOTE for those receiving this as an email: All blog posts received in an email are BEST SEEN AND READ ONLINE by clicking the title above. Some design features are not carried over to the email version.

The first photo is a yellow & white daisy-like tiny flower that does attract the tiny butterflies and the second is some kind of whitish puff ball with a separate flower bud in front of it. The bud is probably of the same species as the yellow & white flower pictured, since it was close by. Even weeds have a beauty that can be photographed and several of my butterfly photos include such “weed flowers” never mentioned! 🙂

“Weed Flower,” Atenas, Costa Rica
Weed flower bud in front of a “puff ball” of another weed, Atenas, Costa Rica

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¡Pura Vida!

2 Replies to “2 Flowering Weeds”

  1. Looking forward to the adventure. Saw Walters van this morning and could not resist looking to see if you were inside😁

    1. Thanks Steve! Just 2 nights, so that is short for me! 🙂 I’m skipping the Mardi Gras party but will see you online! 🙂
      The only trip in Walter’s van this week was to Hospital Mexico Tuesday for an ultrasonido of my neck for the oncologist to evaluate in my 29th appointment with him. Happy birding Steve!

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