Phyllira Tiger Moth – Grammia phyllira

I got this identification first from which has a different scientific name of Apantesis phyllira along with the same common name of Phyllira Tiger Moth. Because I volunteer for butterfliesandmoths dot org, I’m using the scientific name they use: Grammia phyllira It was alongside the street on my walk to town the other day, right outside the Roca Verde gate on Avenida 8. It is in the Family Erebidae. Two cellphone pix . . .

Phyllira Tiger Moth – Apantesis phyllira, Atenas, Costa Rica
Phyllira Tiger Moth – Apantesis phyllira, Atenas, Costa Rica

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Or for this one specifically, it is in the Erebidae Family, Erebid Moths (gallery link) where I now have photos of 3 species.

Also note some of the other photos on where most are from the Southeast U.S., especially Florida. And it is very much possible that MINE MAY BE A SUB-SPECIES OR SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT SPECIES because the head and shoulders seem to be a little different. Hopefully the moth experts at BAMONA will be able to tell me.

¡Pura Vida!

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