7 Butterflies on Busy Morning!

I decided to just go ahead and show all 7 of these from one morning’s brief garden walk, since I’m still staying 2 weeks or more ahead on my blog posts! 🙂 And I may eventually get those last 3 identified, but for now I’ll safely say they are Skippers! 🙂

Fiery Skipper, Atenas, Costa Rica

CLICK an image to see larger and full-frame . . .

I usually see more than one species every day, but have been preferring to just feature one per day in the blog, but not today! 🙂

See all my Costa Rica Butterfly photos in the big GALLERY divided into taxonomy families and then a gallery for each species: BUTTERFLIES & Moths of Costa Rica (216+ species) with scientific name included on each!

¡Pura Vida!

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