Green Plant has Tiny Flowers

I can’t find this in any of my tropical plants books or online, so I think is a foreign introduced plant and will try to get my gardner’s ID next time he is here. Most of of the time it is a dark green plant with white or cream bordered long leaves. Then occasionally it sprouts these long thin stems with tiny little yellow buds that finally open into a tiny white flower with a tinge of blue or purple and yellow stamens. These 5 photos are in order to tell the story of 1-green plant, 2-sprouting long stems with tiny flower and photos 3-5 gradually zooming in on the flowers.

Often it is just a green plant like this.
Some of them occasionally sprout this long, thin stem with many little yellow buds that open into white flowers.
First Zoom on Flowers.
Second Zoom on Flowers.
Third Zoom on Flowers.

POSTSCRIPT August 5, 2023 in evening: In the comments below you can see that my friend Ellen Cox in Tennessee identified this as what is commonly called “Spider Plant” or “Airplane Plant” and in the States people put them in hanging baskets so these long runners with tiny flowers can hang down. Interesting! 🙂

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¡Pura Vida!

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  1. I don’t recognize it though it does look like what I call an airplane plant. The foliage looks the same. The plant puts out a long stem with a little plant hanging on it. That is how it reproduces itself.

    1. Ellen – You are the plant whiz! It is an “Airplane Plant” or “Spider Plant” that most people put in hanging baskets or on high shelves for these long runners with tiny flowers to hang down. I googled it and found many examples online, mostly in the States. The flowers online were not a perfect match to my flowers but almost, so there are probably many varieties! Mine are in my garden and not in pots or hanging baskets, but that is okay! Adds to the jungle mystery of my gardens! 🙂

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