Gracefulness in Nature

This Heliconia Leaf seems to me to be gracefully bowing its head as the first signs of deterioration begin it’s final days with only a little touch of brown now and the folding of the once tall and straight green leaf. Nature as Art continues to inspire me as I find my own life slowing down and less capable than before. May I conclude my life as gracefully as this Heliconia Leaf! 🙂

Nature as Art

¡Pura Vida!

See another Heliconia Leaf in a further stage of death that I used on the cover of a recent photo book titled Designed by Nature which you can preview for free online. Nature is truly graceful!

2 Replies to “Gracefulness in Nature”

  1. Yes, nature for slowing down! There is something in Buddhism called a “walking meditation” where the whole point is to notice notice notice. wind on my face, feet on ground, leaves capturing sunlight, bird songs, etc.

    1. You’ve got it gal! 🙂 Nature is so cool! And that “walking meditation” reminds me of the Japanese “forest bath” where they walk among the trees absorbing the peacefulness. – Wherever you decide to go in Costa Rica you will be able to immerse in nature, even if some remote spots are more deeply immersed! 🙂 Good luck in making your choice! And I hope you still have nature spots in California that are not overflowing with people!

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