Creating New Views!

When this first pot below was overflowing with Bougainvillea, I liked it contrasting against the white wall alongside the driveway, but now with Petunias, I decided that I like the “look” better beneath this greenery on my terrace and the taxistas like not having it along the driveway! 🙂

The Petunia Pot moved to the entrance corner of my Terrace.

The other pot I had along the driveway was the Desert Rose and it hasn’t been blooming, so I’m trying a shadier spot along my garden walk, hoping it will bloom better there. Past logic was that with a name like “desert” it would like a lot of sun, and it actually did very well there for a few years, but is not blooming now. If shadier doesn’t work, I’ll try a larger pot next and maybe put it back in the sun. 🙂

The Desert Rose was moved to a corner of garden walkway with more shade or less sun, hoping it will bloom.

And though not new, my BREAKFAST VIEWS are important to me!

My “Breakfast Nook” on the Terrace where I face the other direction from this table.
Along with occasional wildlife in the garden, my breakfast view is the surrounding hills of Atenas!

And after breakfast I read the paper in these rocking chairs facing both hills and garden. All part of my joy of being “Retired in Costa Rica!”

My “READING CORNER” on the Terrace with views of hills and garden.

That’s my garden terrace — always creating new views!


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¡Pura Vida!

Retired in Costa Rica!

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