New Pot Plants

When they start looking “scraggy” I like to have a fresh start! And I recently did that with these two pots, one outside and one inside.

The inside one has had several little palms from the beginning that never lasted more than a year, if that long – evidently needing more sun. So I replaced the palm with a Monstera deliciosa, also known as the Swiss Cheese plant, which is in the philodendron family and can better handle the lack of sun, as already shown in one of the shady areas of my outside garden. A nice tropical change from the palms that kept dying!   🙂

I don’t remember the name of the green plant we removed from my outside frog pot, but it evidently needed more water than that little pot could hold and kept turning brown. So it has been replaced with a type of fan palm that is supposedly easy to grow. But with a smaller pot, I still need to be more frequent with the water!   🙂   And the green plant removed is now doing well in one of my outside gardens!

Monstera deliciosa or Swiss Cheese plant
Fan palm in frog pot.


“A dried plant is nothing but a sign to plant a new one”
― Priyansh Shah


¡Pura Vida!


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Pot Plants Star: Desert Rose

Along wall by windows are a “Crown of Thorns” that blooms constantly year around and I just moved from white pot,
as it is growing! Stair-stepping down is my favorite which is a Desert Rose or Adenium Obesum.
And the tiny pot is a now small Jade Plant. Desert Rose came from it in my transplantings.
There are of course more pot plants on the terrace all the way back!  🙂
Atenas, Costa Rica

Desert Rose or Adenium Obesum
It too is growing and I just moved it from that smallest pot above.
Atenas, Costa Rica

Desert Rose Blooms 
This is the most blooms together like this yet in 2 years.
For those who knew Anthony, this came from him when he moved to states.
For locals: they are available at Vivero Central in La Garita, but not cheap.
Atenas, Costa Rica
For those interested in growing this wonderful flowering plant, the most amount of information on growing them is at this excellent website with how-to videos and all: 
It is originally from Africa and must have heat and lots of sun. With temps below 65° Fahrenheit you must bring inside. They bloom in the summer or hottest season which it is now in Costa Rica.  They need minimal water, mainly in hot season when blooming. It is a nice tropical addition to one’s garden! 
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