Juvenile Emerald Basilisk

Eating flower leaves in my garden! The Emerald or Green Basilisk (link to National Geographic page) adult has the big crest or plume on his head and back, like a little dinosaur, and is know for “walking on water” (actually running very fast) and is thus called by some “The Jesus Christ Lizard.” You wouldn’t think that I would have them in my garden and though I am more likely to see in rainforests or along streams, there is a stream across the cow pasture from me here. 🙂 Here’s two shots of a juvenile climbing up my Lantana flower pot at the end of my tiny driveway parking space.

Juvenile Emerald Basilisk, Atenas, Costa Rica (all of his long tail in the next shot)
Juvenile Emerald Basilisk, Atenas, Costa Rica

See also my Emerald Basilisk Gallery with many more photographed all over Costa Rica! 🙂 And WordPress will automatically link below 3 of my past posts on the basilisk. 🙂

¡Pura Vida!

2 Replies to “Juvenile Emerald Basilisk”

    1. Not bothersome, but rather shy. Eats leaves and insects and the adults look like miniature dinosaurs. Not seen as often as the much larger iguanas. These stay on the ground, usually close to water (I live near a stream). The iguanas go into the trees a lot.

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