The Tanager in My Nance Tree

This female Summer Tanager seems to live in or near my garden, as I have been seeing her feeding and resting in my Nance Tree for months now. A regularly visiting bird seems like an old friend and I’m glad she likes the flowers, seeds, and fruit of this tree at different times of the year.

Summer Tanager female, Atenas, Alajuela, Costa Rica

See my different Summer Tanager photos from around the year here in Atenas and from 3  other parts of Costa Rica in my Summer Tanager GALLERY. Always more females than the bright red males.

¡Pura Vida!

Blog post DATE “disclaimer” or “truth in reporting” :   When writing so many posts about my Tortuguero visit in February, I gradually had several days worth ahead, up to two weeks worth, and so now the “daily sharings” from my little casita garden and walks through Atenas, Alajuela Provincia, Costa Rica are being written several days ahead of time. For example, this post was written on March 2. And if I have a down day with no post, the flow will continue!  🙂  My life of being “Retired in Costa” is almost daily recorded in my blog posts and totally collected in my Photo Gallery by subjects and trip galleries. Sharing photos of my interactions with nature is my life now as displayed in that online gallery.

THANK YOU for following my blog and your interest in my retirement life and photography! It has been a real joy now for more than eight years and there’s more to come! The website stats say I have 473  blog subscribers plus the 650 friends on Facebook that receive a link and the stats say that beyond reading the email notice and Facebook link photo, my blog website gets over 2,000 visits a month, with 28 comments and 218 “Likes” which only other WordPress bloggers can give. So blogging my retirement love of nature in Costa Rica has been very fulfilling and fun for me! And I was surprised at how many people in Costa Rica follow the blog when a large number showed up at the December JIT Art Show! That was a real joy! And that will continue this year as my only one time a year to sell photos in person.

I am not in business to sell my photos (It’s a hobby!), though they are always available in many formats through my gallery with only a dollar “markup” for me, plus in photo books in my Bookstore (also with only $1 markup), and a few novelty items in my CafePress shop (also with only $1 markup). So shop online if you like my photos!  🙂  Available for your pleasure, not my profit!   🙂

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  1. Receiving your daily posts is like “a morning visit with Charlie.”

    You keep writing. I’ll continue our visits.

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