Giant White Butterfly

A fairly common butterfly here, I think. You can read about them on with scientific name of Ganyra josephina, they are found from South Texas through Central America and I’ve seen quite a few here this year, though not this many that would pause long enough for a photo. 🙂 See my other photos of this butterfly in my Giant White Gallery. Or to see my photos of several other species of Whites, go to the bigger Costa Rica Butterflies Gallery. And here’s 4 shots of a Giant White in my garden the other day. Sorry they are damaged but it has been pretty windy this year which may be why . . .

Giant White, Atenas, Costa Rica

CLICK an image to see larger and full-frame . . .

¡Pura vida!

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  1. Don’t think I have seen these. However a few days ago I saw a large butterfly across the yard and a bright flash of blue. Blue morpho ?

    1. Most likely a Blue Morpho which flit about very rapidly and then when they land their folded wings are brown with eye spots, their disguise. There are other butterflies with blue though. All are fascinating!

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