Strangler Fig

I daily encounter the huge Strangler Fig Tree by my house and almost daily the one on the road in front of my house by the cow pasture. The Wikipedia article gives the broader information about the many different tropical ficus trees with the common name of “Strangler Fig.” I am not able to identify which ficus tree it is in my yard and down the road by the cow pasture. They both seem to be typical of others I’ve seen on my travels across the country, but I will not try to guess the species and online searches only confuses me inf my ID effort! 🙂

The feature photo at top is the horizontal view of the one in my yard as seen from the corner of my terrace and below is a vertical shot from my terrace and another from within my yard closer. Though you cannot see it in these photos, it, like all this species, strangled a smaller tree that now has just one limb living. It will likely also overtake another little tree between it and the street.

Strangler Fig from My Terrace
My Strangler Fig Close from the Yard
My Strangler Fig seen From the Street (behind the electric meter). See the “basket weave” around another tree it is “strangling.”
Strangler Fig by Cow Pasture I walk by almost daily. Power company keeps it cut back.

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¡Pura Vida!

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    1. My blog posts are full or reasons I moved my retirement to Costa Rica from the very first post in 2014. Specifically I did one post in 2017 title “Why I moved to Costa Rica”
      But if you use the search box in the right panel of the blog you can find a lot of other posts. One reason I did not talk about at first to avoid offending people was I wanted to get away from the Tennessee hateful and racist Republicans and many of the Evangelicals I was surrounded by. Of course being a nature lover photographer and birder also led me to Costa Rica after 4 visits here before moving here. You must love this country and be familiar with it before moving here or you will not be happy in a different culture! I have a web page on “My advice to those considering a move to here” that you might check out if you are considering it:

      It has been perfect for me, but I know it would not be for everyone. I live alone in a small rent house (casita) and do not have a car, walking everywhere locally plus taxis and then public transportation in my travels all over this country photographing everything! 🙂 See my “Trip Galleries” for photos of the 85 or so places I’ve visited and photographed here:

      ¡Pura Vida!

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