Costa Ricans Live Longer Than Americans. What’s the Secret?

As a kid some pushy boys would challenge you with “I double-dog dare you to . . .” do whatever outlandish thing they thought I or someone else was too scared to do. Well the linked article below in The New Yorker Magazine is a very long article (taking time to read), but if you are really interested in the health of people wherever you live, then I “double-dog dare you” to read the whole article! 🙂 I believe you will be impressed!

It tells the story of a doctor almost my age from Atenas, Costa Rica (my current home town) who revolutionized Costa Rica’s health care system to make it arguably one of, if not the best in the world by blending public health and medical care. It’s a life-changing story for Costa Rica! And it could be for rich, self-centered countries like the U.S. who need to quit fearing “socialism” and start thinking about what is best for ALL the people and not just the RICH few as it now works in the states. I applaud The New Yorker for this excellent article! May America soon wake up! And thanks to Steve for bringing it to my attention! 🙂


¡Pura Vida!

6 Replies to “Costa Ricans Live Longer Than Americans. What’s the Secret?”

  1. Great article. I now know a little how EBAIS and community health got started here. It’s amazing what one person can do when they follow their dream. Thanks for posting!

    1. And THANK YOU Pat for taking the time to read the article AND for commenting! (I know most won’t read it!)

      It is truly an amazing story that happened right here! And I learned a lot more about how the public clinic or EBAIS works also and hope to get back into some regular contact with my assigned doctor there. I may not always be able to afford private healthcare services like I used with the cancer this year.

      I appreciate you following my blog!

  2. Excellent article. I think Kevin’s mother worked as a public health nurse in the 1950s going into homes to educate and help people. I think we’ve lost that in most places. The U.S. has a lot it could learn from how Costa Rica has improved the health of its citizens. A government that works for all the people. How I wish we had that.

    1. Thanks for reading and responding Robbie! Maybe the problem in the states is that when you are too proud you don’t think you can learn anything from anyone else. (Not to mention the rich and racism.) 🙁

      1. I was trying not to say that the U.S. is too proud, but I agree that is one of the problems. And yes, racism and wealth inequality that is made worse by government policies favoring the rich make the problem worse.

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