Green Field

I’m back home for awhile and one of the first contrasts with the big city was the green field across from my house, seen here at ground level . . .

Grazing place for cows, hiding place for Fer-de-lance and a peaceful place for me!

And online I found a poem that expresses some feeling of my front yard “green field,” though I would never lay down in this one with the cow patties and snakes! 🙂

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My One Fear – Terciopelo or Fer-de-lance

Its Terciopelo in Costa Rica or Fer-de-lance in the states, but with either name one of the most poisonous snakes in the world and we have them in my Roca Verde neighborhood unfortunately. The above photo is a dead one I just photographed while walking to town, on the sidewalk just outside our Roca Verde main gate. Since two people I know in Roca Verde have been bitten and I have found two dead ones myself, this one and another one earlier in the street in front of my house, I am more conscious of them being here and no longer leave my back door (garden door) open since there is no screen door on it.

All the clinics and hospitals have the anti-venom and if you get there quick enough, you live – but it is still scary and very painful I’ve been told.

For most this video will probably not appeal to you. It is a Terciopelo eating a frog. Snake lovers seem to love this kind of video!  🙂  At least it shows what they eat which is not people! Biting people is for their self-defense. Both persons biten here actually stepped on the snake while barefooted! And I never go out barefoot! Common sense caution is my defense.


Learn more about Terciopelo in the Wikipedia article in English.

This snake lives only in Central America, Mexico and northern South America.


As I type it is pouring down rain with the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard! Kind of like parts of the states, we are having above average rain this year and starting earlier in the day. So far the flowers seem to like it! And it is rainy season!    🙂