“Not My Problem!”

The other day I was walking over the hill in my neighborhood and a friendly Tica woman my age or older pointed to my “Pura Vida” cap (photo above) and asked me in perfect English, “Do you know what that Pura Vida means?” I responded, “Pure life among other things!” with a big smile. She retorted, “No, it means ‘Not My Problem!’” with an even bigger smile on her face and then a laugh as she continued on in the opposite direction. 🙂

So today, the morning after the American election, with the vote-counting expected to last many more days and your idiot president already lying and threatening to legally challenge the results, I’m trying to have that version of the Pura Vida attitude.

After all . . . one of the main reasons I left the states to live in Costa Rica was to get away from the Republican Party and the ugly, racist, lying, nasty people like Donald Trump – and there were plenty in Tennessee back in 2014 before Trump ever came on the scene. And 6 years later it is worse as the rich white folks keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer and the people of color keep getting targeted and segregated. God help America!

I have only one vote and I caste it. That is all I can do to help my country of origin. It saddens me that even if Biden wins, and he certainly should, the right-wing madness will continue with conspiracy theories, lies, racism, and hatefulness that is slowly dividing and may ultimately destroy America. How sad that so many people would vote for that! My old evangelical friends no longer follow Christ but desperately seek political power instead. I used to feel sorry for people who lived in third world countries, but now I feel sorry for people who live in America, especially if they are poor or of color. And what an ugly place to raise children of any color!

But in the true spirit of Costa Rica and a new interpretation of Pura Vida, I will continue to enjoy life in this great little nature country and say to you Americans . . .

Not My Problem!

¡Pura Vida!

5 Replies to ““Not My Problem!””

  1. I am so glad I do not live in America or that I am even American.

    It’s so sad what is happening..

    Gives me anxiety!

  2. So here we sit. Still waiting for results. How can almost half of voters be so ignorant as to vote for a lying , corrupt and ignorant racist? And those are just the adjectives that are indisputable. Wish we could be there however for now I think we are stuck. At least the weather here has moderated – for now.

    1. Steve, at least you guys turned New Hampshire blue which is more than I can say for my one little vote in Tennessee (assuming it was even counted).

      The U.S. is in for years of Trumpism problems even if Biden wins, especially with the despicable Republican Senate & McConnell returning.

      Come back to paradise soon! The border is open now!

  3. More than a year later Steve (who has now moved to CR) reminded me of this post and it is still true if not more so now. I’ve divorced myself from Southern Baptists and all Evangelicals who no longer follow Christ and as I enjoy the superior country of Costa Rica, I continue to stand amazed at how so many Americans have become hateful, lying, racist Republicans! They are about to destroy America in their rabid thirst for power and control of other people’s lives! It saddens me, as it is my country of birth, and also that the denomination that nurtured my young faith and through which I tried to serve Christ in my adult work has become so Anti-Christ. I’m considering becoming a Quaker, though there is no Friends Group Meeting Places near where I live.

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