Costa Rica Pioneer Woman Dies of COVID-19 in AL

The first wife of a 3-time president of Costa Rica, José Figueres Ferrer, Henrietta Boggs, died this week of the dreaded Coronavirus in Alabama at the age of 102. She had a bigger Costa Rica Adventure than me, becoming the First Lady of Costa Rica and a primary leader to get voting privileges for both women and blacks in Costa Rica. Read about this remarkable woman in this New York Times Article. And thanks to Larry for sharing it with me!

¡Pura Vida!

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    1. Ginger, 4 times but I fell in love with it the first time! 🙂 And I even visited Panama twice, considering it as easier with more English spoken and statistically a lower cost of living, but nope! I prefer Costa Rica. And I briefly thought about Guatemala because I have an Aunt living there, but nope again! And I even considered The Gambia West Africa when I lived and worked there for 3 years, but before returning to Nashville I eliminated it because of bad government and horrible health care (bad & horrible in a different way than the U.S.). 🙂

  1. I just read the entire article. What a fascinating lady with a fantastic story to tell. Southern Belle to boot! Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Steve, Yes, it is fascinating and also interesting that we both had friends send the article to us! 🙂 My adventures in Costa Rica are not quite as life-changing as hers, but they have certainly changed my life for the better! ¡Pura vida!

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