El bastón de emperador

Yeah, that’s the Spanish name which I like better than the English name of Torch Ginger – but by either name this morning I noticed that one plant off my terrace had flowers in three stages and I liked that picture of progression. There could actually be an earlier stage with a tighter bud, but not this morning. 🙂

Tropical flowers continue to be a part of the magic of my retiree life in Costa Rica, both in my own gardens surrounding my little rental house and in my travels around the country. Click either above link for more of my flower photos – what a joy to live in paradise! 🙂

“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.”

– Zen Shin

¡Pura vida!

2 Replies to “El bastón de emperador”

  1. Now Charlie, I like the name of Torch Ginger. Love that you got the three stages in the picture. You are bragging about living in Paradise and I’m somewhat jealous. I was looking at trips for Disabled People last night. The had a 10 day trip and only spent time at two places.

    1. Ginger Almy, welllll . . . I like the English name too and you may not remember that I had an unhappy marriage of 20 years to a Ginger, so there are some underlying emotions to that name while the Spanish name sounds exotic to me! 🙂

      Unfortunately, Costa Rica is behind a lot of countries on providing handicap access or wheel-chair access which may be why that trip only 2 locations. The National Parks have been adding shorter wheel-chair trails to their longer trails that would be impossible for you. Bigger cities and towns are adding ramps at the corners of streets/sidewalks and a few businesses & attractions are adding ramps to bypass steps, but still a long way to go! It is like someone has to totally “re-think” the infrastructure and that takes time and costs money, but is happening.

      Let me know if you take one of those handicap tours and I will go to wherever you are to see you.

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