Central Park Update

Well, everything stopped two weeks before Christmas and seems to have only recently gotten back up to speed with Christmas lights still strung overhead. No hurry! Tranquilo. ¡Pura vida!   🙂

What they seem to be working on mainly now is what I call the “Sitting Walls” along all 8 of the spoke-wheel sidewalks from the center kiosk. By around Christmas or the end of December they finished those walls on the walkway to the church, the feature photo. I’m assuming that the sidewalks will be more brick-pavers like now and as shown in the architect drawings – none started yet.

They are now working on the opposite side of park at the NE corner on the sidewalk with the most slope to the lowest point, thus under which the main storm water drain pipe will flow and has already been installed or buried.


Looking at the Architect Drawings, I see that some of these “Sitting Walls” will have to have gaps or openings in them to get to the exercise activities, playground areas, picnic tables, etc. I’ll record how that develops!

And the 4 photos above have been added to my Central Park Remodeling Photo Gallery showing the only time line of progress on the park renovations.

¡Pura Vida!

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