Farewell Macaws

As the first and only customer in restaurant for a 7 AM Breakfast I was greeted not only by the friendly waiters but by a couple of Scarlet Macaws in the nearby trees. The major group of other guests here is a group of vacationing Mexicans and the waiters said that they like to party late and breakfast late!   🙂

But anyway, I got a few shots of the Macaws before they flew off and all the other customers missed them!  🙂   They are hard to photograph – always on the move and when they land it is behind limbs and leaves! Pura vida!   🙂

Scarlet Macaws

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I head back to Atenas this morning. My little 4-day excursion in search of sunsets was a good one! It was relaxing, with some good photos, even one lifer bird and my best photo yet of a Gray Hawk.

Plus now I am knowledgeable of another beach-view hotel at Jaco. It is too expensive for me normally and not that great for birds, but some of the best food I’ve had and the sunsets are great! Thus I recommend Villa Caletas for a relaxing vacation if money is not an option.

And I have started working on my “Trip Gallery” 2019 July Villa Caletas which will soon have my collection of photos from here, maybe by tonight.   🙂

¡Pura Vida!

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  1. Kinda new to cost costa. Live in Playa Grande see a lot of birds and hawks of few brown color but yet to a gray one. I need a better book of birds in costa rica. Any suggestions? Thanks . Michael . Enjoying your blog

    1. The best bird book for just Costa Rica is The Birds of Costa Rica A Field Guide Second Edition by Garrigues & Dean but it is really getting out of date. I now use the newer book Birds of Central America by Vallely & Dyer. Both are on Amazon.com. The latter is new and includes all of the countries of Central America. But electronic apps for your phone are kept up to date and cost less. The best one is free from eBird and called Merlin – available in all app stores free. The base is North America and for Costa Rica you download (free) the Costa Rica packet to get instant identification of all our birds here.

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