I love dragonflies with some of my past favorite nature photos being dragonflies, like the Blue Dasher Dragonfly I photographed at Montgomery Bell State Park in Tennessee that was my most popular photo in 4 years of Arts & Crafts Fairs.   🙂   Who would have thunk?   🙂

Then there was the Tropical King Skimmer Dragonfly on the Amazon River in 2006 and a similar one on my first trip to Costa Rica in 2009 at Corcovado National Park!

See all of my Costa Rica Dragonflies in my CR dragonfly gallery! And I have a long way to go since there are about 270 species of dragonflies in Costa Rica!   🙂  The one above is right here at Macaw Lodge and I’m unable to identify it right now.

“I love to see the sunshine on the wings of the Dragonflies… there is magic in it.” 
― Ama H.Vanniarachchy

Macaw Lodge

¡Pura Vida!

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