Returning to Selva Verde Lodge

My 3rd Christmas living in Costa Rica (2016) was spent at Selva Verde Lodge Sarapiqui, a birding “Hot Spot” in Costa Rica. Tomorrow (Thursday) I return and because I liked my room so much last time, I requested the same one. That is not always possible, but we will see. See My 2016 Photos.

I’m staying longer this time, not driving, and expect to relax more as well as photograph a lot of birds. Stay tuned for a lot of photo reports.   🙂   And enroute tomorrow morning my driver and I will stop at Soda & Mirador Cinchona for breakfast where I hope to photograph my first Barbet in the Americas. I photographed a different variety in The Gambia. They hang out at Cinchona some.

¡Pura Vida!

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