Letting Nature Be My Teacher

Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.

~William Wordsworth

Emerald Toucanet Monteverde 2016

In planning for my trip to Monteverde, I scheduled a different cloud forest reserve for each of the 5 full days I have there, believing the variety will give me more bird photos and I am expecting some “lifers” (1st time seen birds) on this trip.

My biggest discovery in the planning was learning about the reserve I’m visiting on my last day there – Children’s Eternal Rainforest. Wow! What a place with a great history from the Quakers setting aside virgin forest for a reserve, to the children of Sweden rallying financial support and to the reserve being a place where Montessori schools all over the globe bring their children to experience and learn from rainforest nature. From them I got the above Wordsworth quote. See some of the videos on their website linked to their name and you will know that I have a treat coming along with each of the reserves for which I have private tours scheduled:

Monday:  Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve

Tuesday:  Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Wednesday:  Curi-Cancha Reserve

Thursday:  Selvatura Adventure Park

Thursday Night:  Monteverde Wildlife Refuge Night Hike

Friday:  Children’s Eternal Rainforest, Bajo del Tigre Trail

And for the whole week I’m staying at Monteverde Lodge and Gardensa step up from the local cabins I stayed in on my last trip there (2016). I’m really looking forward to this week!  This hotel uses Costa Rica Expeditions (a tour company connected to select hotels over CR) to plan their excursions and they are handling the first three days plus the night hike Thursday. I made my own arrangements for Selvatura and Children’s Eternal Rainforest, both of which will pick me up at my hotel and return me there.

Brown Jay, Monteverde, 2016

For people visiting here from out of country, a tour company like CR Expeditions is the best way to go because they connect all your needs like transportation, hotels, and the kinds of activities you want. You will notice in the right column I also recommend “My Costa Rica” because they were a big help in a tack-on trip I added in 2014 to my relocation tour. Both companies are excellent! And when I go to the Caribbean side of CR I use the services of the very helpful crew at Caribe Fun Tours who have an office in Hotel Banana Azul where I always stay. I use these companies and I live here! So I definitely recommend them to foreign visitors!

Costa Rica is such a wonderful and diverse place to visit with something for everyone! I will never finish exploring it! But for next week, I’m in nature’s classroom of the cloud forests of Monteverde – photographing birds and much more! Stay tuned for nightly reports beginning Sunday.

¡Pura Vida!

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