Tapanti Today

Another national park seen today and it is one of the largest going up into the mountains.
Tapanti National Park, Costa Rica
At 6 AM this morning another new Tico friend named “Cristian” picked me up in his old red Chevy Tracker for the 9 km drive to the park and we took nearly 2 hours to make that 9 km since we got a lot of birding done along the country road to the park which doesn’t open until 8 AM. And by the way, I get in national parks free because I’m over 65 and a resident!   🙂
Birding guides are professionals here with college training and government licensing. Cristian is part of a local guiding group here in Orosi area called Peregrinus Expeditions with their office in Turriable, so they cover a large area. With only one day experience, I can enthusiastically recommend them and Cristian specifically as an excellent and very knowledgeable birding guide. We saw or heard more than 30 species of birds today in and near the park with me getting photos of 15 and 3 of those are new or first-time species for me! My list keeps growing! 
Tomorrow Cristian takes me an hour’s drive away to the El Copal Reserve and/or nearby birding sites on the other side of Tapanti. Friday I have my taxi driver lined up for a tour of some sights in Orosi like the Ruins of Ujarras. It all came together quickly and easily after I got here and it will be a good week! (Even if the internet is slow here! 🙂
Expect lots of bird photos next week! Pura vida!

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