Light Beneath the Elephant & the Monster

Both photos by Samsung Cell Phone:

Elephant Ear or Tarul 
In the Roca Verde gardens of Charlie Doggett
Atenas, Costa Rica

Monstera deliciosa  
In the Roca Verde gardens of Charlie Doggett
Atenas, Costa Rica

Okay. So now you know it has been a month since I’ve been on a trip or very far from home, meaning more photos in the garden. And that is fun too! Trying something different here from behind or beneath 2 large leaves and I’m fascinated by leaves! The Elephant is among my heliconias and gingers in the larger flower bed out my backdoor, while the monsteras have recently replaced ornamental grasses behind and above a garden wall (a ledge) behind my house and an extension of the garden, giving a jungle look from the bathroom ceiling window (dormer-like above shower) and helps maintain the garden walk around two sides of my house on a tile walkway. I like it! And in one week I’m in Orosi Valley & Tapanti National Park for some fresher photos!  🙂

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Costa Rica Ranks low in Central America Homicides for 2017. Our rate is similar to Panama’s

with only Nicaragua having a lower rate (you surprised?). The most danger for homicides are in El Salvador and then Honduras.

And if you add in the rates for all Latin American and Caribbean countries, then the safest or fewest homicides is in Chili with the most in Venezuela. And Jamaica is the 3rd worst after Venezuela and El Salvador. Mexico? Hey, they are right in the middle of the list of Latin American countries, worse than Costa Rica, but a long way from the worst! Sorry Trump! Mexico is not so bad!  See the charts and maps in the above linked article.

Interesting. And again, I feel safe in Costa Rica, especially in a little central valley farm town away from the big city of San Jose where almost all murders take place or maybe in port towns of Limon and Puntarenas. Choose your location carefully.  ¡Pura Vida!

Costa Rica is getting ready for Electric CarsAnother interesting English-language article. It is logical for a “green country” but also requires infrastructure and “power stations.” Money!

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