Bright Flowers & Happy People

A half block uphill from the Roca Verde main gate is one of the smallest and poorest houses in Boqueron Barrio.
But in front of the little house is this beautiful array of bougainvillea that blooms the most in dry season. 
 And behind it is the happy chatter and laughter of little children, some on summer vacation from school.
Atenas, Costa Rica 

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And I just became aware of the new website for our Su Espacio Spanish Atenas Classes.  Nice!


Ship That Ran Aground in Manzanillo, near where I spent a week a year ago September.  It could have been weather or a sloppy boat captain (doesn’t say), but it looks like some heavy work will be needed to get it back out to sea. Click the photo in article to see it enlarged.

Paddling Across the Gulf of Nicoya is an interesting article about a group of all ages of Ticos who used paddle boards to paddle across the 17 mile wide Gulf of Nicoya near where I will be vacationing during Christmas. Here paddle boarding has become a popular substitute for  surfing, especially for novices or as surfers get older, though this trip was in the relatively calm waters of a bay in the morning, 5-11 am as opposed to the open Pacific Ocean where some people use them.



Five Things People Will Say When You Tell Them You’re Moving Abroad   (Other than “You’re crazy.”)

As a non-member of “InterNations” it will take you to a join page where you just click “Maybe Later” and then it takes you to the article. Some of the 5 things you face in this article are more true for younger persons still employed and planning to work overseas, but generally what lots of Americans will ask/say to everyone moving. Somebody asked me every one of these questions before my move.  🙂  
And somewhere nearer the beginning of this blog, 2014-2015, I tried to answer every one of them. 

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