Merry Christmas!

One of my photos of a Collared Aracari in Sarapiqui, Costa Rica — eating of course!  🙂

Or for a more traditional message and a different bird photo, see my Christmas card on Facebook.

And for more Costa Rica Birds see the photo gallery.

It is Christmas Time here! The children and teens are out of school and out of uniforms as the seniors graduated yesterday and summer vacation has started. Happy sounds! Schools begin a new year in February.

The rains have stopped and the wind is blowing; dry season is here. Soon some businesses will close for two weeks or more and when I get to the beach 22 December it will be crowded with more Ticos than foreign tourists.

My gardener team said goodbye today, “Hasta proxima anos!” They will see me next year. Mid December until January is vacation time for many people and even more so a family time. The week between Christmas and New Years Atenas will look like a ghost town with little going on beyond the always open super mercados and farmacias. Peaceful too! I will be gone on my trip to Tambor Bay December 22-27 and reporting in daily right here on this blog! (If internet connection!)

And hoping you have the joy and tranquility of Costa Rica during your Christmas celebration!

Merry Christmas!

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