Alajuela Today

Alajuela City Christmas Tree in Juan Santamaria Park – BIG!
 And yes, overcast, windy, and cold for us in the 60’s!
 Alajuela, Costa Rica

 Alajuela, Costa Rica 

Variegated Squirrel, Central Park
 Alajuela, Costa Rica

Cathedral of Alajuela with staff working on incomplete Christmas decorations
The manger scene parts were outside and not assembled yet.
 Alajuela, Costa Rica 

The touristy look of my photos today is because I was showing Alajuela to a newcomer to Atenas and he learned how to ride the bus to Alajuela today and saw downtown for first time. And we had lunch at Jalapenos Central Restaurant where a British friend in Atenas walked in and joined us. Fun! My other reason for going was to return a Timex Watch to the Alajuela Walmart where they said they would send it to be repaired within 15 work days or by first of next year. If not repaired satisfactorily they will refund my money. Fair enough (cheap watch). With a cell phone I don’t have to have a watch, but got it for the quicker convenience of seeing the time. If not repaired, I will not replace it.

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