Un día tranquilo en el pueblo.

Un día tranquilo en el pueblo.  —  A quiet day in the village. 
 Atenas, Costa Rica
 as seen from my hilltop walk this morning. 

Several of my Photo Galleries include images of Atenas: 

Walking in Atenas  (mostly flowers & trees)
Vistas  (1st 3 sub galleries are of Atenas)
Atenas, Costa Rica (General, of buildings & people)

Costa Rica Birds  &  Other Wildlife  include many photos made in Atenas! 
Now that’s more info than you wanted, but hopefully it shows how complete my total Costa Rica Photo Gallery is as you drill down into different levels of galleries. It is true as named: 

And in many ways my main website now as a retiree in Costa Rica. Check it out! It is what I like doing more than anything now, making interesting photos of different aspects of Costa Rica. 

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