New Sidewalk Is Exciting for a Walker!

Looking West Toward Town
Atenas, Costa Rica

Looking East Toward Colegio Gym
Atenas, Costa Rica

And Down Near the Corner
It will go around corner for another
full block, then right to Colegio Liceo
Atenas, Costa Rica

Like governments everywhere, they seem slow about getting things done and of course funds are not always there. But finally I do not have to walk in the street around “Dead Man’s Curve” or a blind curve between my house and downtown Atenas. And I imagine they hope the high school kids will use it. They now flood the streets around the school before and after school, slowing car traffic. 

My favorite place is whichever sidewalk is beneath my feet because I am just constantly fascinated by walking and looking and learning.
~Danny Meyer
And you will see much of my looking and learning from walking in my photo gallery called: 

¡Pura Vida!

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