Scenic La Mina near Rancho Naturalista

Shots from the scenic La Mina area along a mountain stream near Rancho Naturalista, Costa Rica, where we found the Sunbittern (la tigana), making it a special place!

La Mina, Costa Rica

La Mina, Costa Rica

Guia Miranda
La Mina, Costa Rica

La Mina, Costa Rica

La Mina, Costa Rica

Sunbittern (the way he is mostly seen, blending in with the rocks)
La Mina, Costa Rica

Sunbittern (a short flight)
La Mina, Costa Rica

Sunbittern (posturing to scare a predator, like 2 large eyes of a larger animal)
Some butterflies do the same thing.
La Mina, Costa Rica

You can see this unique place from Rancho Naturalista lodge near Turrialba, Costa Rica

And I have now added the bird photos from this trip to my Costa Rica Birds photo gallery.

Let me drink from the waters where the mountain streams flood 

Let the smell of wildflowers flow free through my blood

Let me sleep in your meadows with the green grassy leaves 

Let me walk down the highway with my brother in peace

Let me die in my footsteps 

Before I go down under the ground.

~Bob Dylan


Child Doctor?

And a “Feeling Old” story from today. I came back from Turrialba with a bad cold or “flu” they call it here. I tried an over-the counter thing that did nothing, so to avoid two visits and long waits at public clinic, I went to my old private doctor, Doctora Candy, who was not in today but her new intern was seeing patients, Dr. Andres Carmana.

He looked like a little boy, one of those young men out of university and medical school who just looks younger than he is (“not yet wet behind the ears”), but really nice and efficient as he explained things to me professionally in English in a very young-sounding voice. Gave me 3 prescriptions. And I almost smiled when he told me “You can just call me Dr. Carmana.” You know you are old when everyone who serves you looks to you like a child.  🙂

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