Old Man’s Joy: Having Gardeners!

A team of 6 young men come every two weeks to cut grass, edge beds,
weed, and trim shrubs, flowers or trees as needed.
6 guys swooping over my yard in two hours. Neat! And just $50!
This is Cristian in my garden, Atenas, Costa Rica


They save my back and other potential aches and pains as well as time,
and they do it fast and very well. I am fortunate! And they are my friends!
This is Alfredo in my garden, Atenas, Costa Rica


My back garden is still the centerpiece, but the whole yard is a garden!
I love living here among the tropical plants with doors/windows always open!
Atenas, Costa Rica

My gardeners were here today and halfway through their work we sat down together on my terraza as they call it (my tiled deck) or patio for water, root beer and cookies, chatting in Spanish with my limited understanding but great enjoyment! In addition to the regular chores, they climbed up my Nance Tree and trimmed out the top with a machete. It had grown so much that I had lost nearly half my vista which is now opened up. They had already done that to the Yellow Bells Trees on the left and they too will need it again soon it appears. And in two weeks they are going to plant an Elephant Ears plant in my back garden where something else died. What a joy to have gardeners!

Tree-trimming opened up a view that was decreasing  rapidly. Probably an annual chore now.
Atenas, Costa rica (on a cloudy day)

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