Medical Test Tomorrow, Friday, Maybe

As mentioned earlier, I’m scheduled for an angiogram tomorrow, Friday, June 2. They were to call me by today and tell me the exact time. I never got the call. Long story, but I loaned my phone to a friend yesterday and he evidently turned the volume down to 0 or I could have accidently done it. I discovered it tonight and then found on the “recent calls” that the hospital tried to call me twice today. Darn!

Anyway, I am going to show up at Hospital Mexico at 7 AM tomorrow with my interpreter and hope I am still scheduled for sometime tomorrow. The devil is in the details and little things like the volume control button on my cellphone! Ugh!


It will be huge and just over the hill from Atenas, closer to me than the current SJO Airport. And I will only be 87 years old, so good time to come visit through the big new airport!  🙂  Click title to see pictures and read about this big infrastructure improvement here. 

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