Aguila de Osa Arrival

Carlos Welcomes Me at Dock
With a Baby Boa Constrictor
Aguila de Osa Lodge, Drake Bay, Costa Rica
Great flight down with some cool shots out the window of our little Sansa plane. Got detoured by way of Puerto Jimenez so made it even more interesting! 4WD taxi from plane down dirt roads, fording streams to a port where I got a boat from my lodge for the rest of my delivery. I had to remove shoes and wade barefoot through the tide to the boat. I’ve set up room, explored grounds, hiked one trail, taken lots of photos, had lunch and will soon go for appetizers before dinner with beautiful vista of Drake Bay. 
I will limit the blog to one photo per day because of very slow internet connection and I was slowed some more for this post with computer problem (or my computer ignorance problem). . .   🙂  You who are regular readers will be glad I’m limited to one photo a post! Because I do get carried away with a lot of photos sometimes! But keep watching for my one photo a day!

About Corcovado National Park (Wikipedia)  and  About Drake Bay (Wikipedia)

And Aguila de Osa Inn

My TRIPS Photo Gallery on this Drake Bay Trip

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