New Bug in My House

Unknown Insect
Inside my house, Atenas, Costa Rica

There are thousands of species of insects in Costa Rica and I came back from Bijagua with bites from half of them!  🙂   But this one waiting on me at home was a new one for me. I swept him out. Don’t know if this is one the geckos like. But the geckos go outside some during the day, so they still may get him!

Like bugs? Check out my Costa Rica Other Insects photo gallery for all I’ve photographed here other than butterflies that get their own gallery! There are some really interesting bugs!

At Alajuela Hospital today I received a big manila envelope of reports from my cardiologist on the various tests he has done. I am to take the envelope to the Cardiology Department at Hospital Mexico in San Jose Monday morning where he wants me to get an angiogram. I am assuming that they will give me an appointment for  a time to do it if they like all the documents in my big envelope.  🙂  I’ll report back on that Monday night.   ~Charlie

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