My New Web Page: Lodge/Hotel Reviews

Trogon Lodge, San Gerardo de Dota, Costa Rica
A new webpage of both words & photos in my Photo Gallery
This took several hours of work and was not all easy!
The hardest part was because I seldom make photos of the building!
I now have reviews of 29 Costa Rica lodges or hotels I have stayed in.
So if you travel in Costa Rica, add this page to your research!  🙂
If you love nature, Costa Rica is the place to travel! Just see my photo gallery!
Soon I will add a similar page for Nicaragua and Panama, though not as many places!


If you are not aware, most Cubans trying to get to the states have now chosen to fly to Columbia and travel by land up through Central America to the Texas border, meaning we have crowds of Cubans coming through Costa Rica daily. 

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