Dripping Wet!

Dripping Wet!  (Heliconia in my Garden, Atenas)
Is how we feel in Atenas as if Rainy Season will
never end! Though usually it has stopped by now.
Long range forecasts show more through Christmas.
And we are not in a rain forest!  🙂

I wrote this a couple of days ago to “get ahead” and sure enough it did not rain today (Friday), so maybe dry season is nearly here! Today I took Anthony to one of my favorite birding places, Tarcoles River for a boat ride and will report on it in the next couple of days. So more bird photos and another first sighting for me! And the weather was clear and sunny!

Cell phone snap on Tarcoles River, Costa Rica today, 16 December 2016
And no, I do not miss the snow in the states! Its either rain or sunshine here every day!
Tomorrow I help with the Angel Tree party and then start anticipating my next big trip 23-27 December to Selva Verde on the Rio Sarapiqui. And well, some Christmas fiestas this weekend. Busy time of year!

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