Ready for Hurricane Otto!

Copied from La Nacion  –   Heavy rains & flooding BEFORE the hurricane hits in Caribe.

Costa Rica’s first hurricane since 1851 is expected to hit land tonight in the northern Caribbean near by beloved Tortuguero National Park or further north in Nicaragua. Atenas is not in the “Red Zone” that expects the most wind and rain, but we will get both all day on the American Thanksgiving while I eat turkey with my neighbor.

For more on the hurricane, today’s Tico Times article

And track it on The Weather Channel and a hundred other websites!  🙂

And the best coverage in Spanish is in our national newspaper La Nacion which Google will translate into English for you. Lots of photos and videos.

They are forecasting up to 20 inches of rain and very high winds in the path (north of us) as it travels all the way across the peninsula to the Pacific Ocean. We will get rain as we have all day today and some winds, but probably not the very high, damaging winds. Yet hurricanes do change paths sometimes, so I bought my bottled water and prepared if it knocks out our power and water. Which could mean no blog post tomorrow night! 🙂

There wasn’t a run on water at the supermercado,
meaning I guess that most don’t really expect us to have much damage.
I’m always the Boy Scout! Being prepared!

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