Embarrassing to be an American

You guys who live in the states need to be aware that it is not easy to explain to people in or from other countries why America does stupid things like elect Donald Trump President. Today (day after the election) I have had questions like “What’s wrong with your country?” or “¿Por qué Trump? Está loco.” (Why Trump? He is crazy.) or “I hope you did not vote for Trump!” “What will happen to your country?”

One Tico friend sent me a cartoon drawing with the quote “We survived Bush and we will survive Trump too.” I do hope you guys in the states do survive Trump, and that you are prepared with some answers when you travel to other countries, especially Hispanic or Muslim countries. I will resist the temptation to rage about your right-wing politics & religion, but I am so glad I no longer live there! Blessings on you who do! “And this too shall pass!”

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