John McCain Gives Hope for America

“Today is only one day in all the days that will ever be. But what will happen in all the other days that ever come can depend on what you do today.     

~Ernest Hemingway,  For Whom the Bell Tolls


I watched the funeral of John McCain today all the way down here in Costa Rica thanks to modern technology. His casket sat in the very spot where I partook of communion in the worship service I attended there back during my 2013 Visit to Washington, DC.

With all the ugly divisiveness coming from the White House and Republican Congress now, it was good to see a bipartisan celebration of a truly good man’s life today. There is still hope for America that different political parties, races, religions and lifestyles can come together to make a difference, to build a country on ideas that make it truly “A shining light on a hill” for democracy and equality for all mankind! But it still depends on the actions of every American and the Hemingway quote struck me the most from the funeral,   “But what will happen in all the other days that ever come can depend on what you do today.” 

God bless America!      I had about given up hope for you.

Life is Good in Costa Rica!

Things are good in Costa Rica with a very stable democracy and a wonderful and progressive new president and we are the first country in the Americas to elect a black woman as Vice President! 

Ths and other things are discussed in my San Ramon retiree friends’ newsletter and in this edition they reprint their list of reasons for retiring in Costa Rica. I think you might enjoy it at link below.

Retire for Less in Costa Rica NEWSLETTER Current Edition:

I basically finished my photo book on Arenal Observatory Trip today, but need to double check it and then wait for Blurb to announce a sale. In the meantime check out my TRIPS GALLERY on this trip to Arenal Observatory Lodge. 

And I now look forward to my June visit to Boca del Toro, Panama on an island in the Western Caribbean, my first trip of 7 days since moving here. More time means not only seeing and doing more but more relaxation!

¡Pura Vida!

CR’s Trump-like Candidate Soundly Defeated

In the Costa Rica Presidential Election yesterday the candidate most like Donald Trump, whose only platform was to stop gay marriage at any cost, was defeated 60% to 40% of the votes. Earlier polling showed it to be a closer race than that. Again Costa Rica is proving to be smarter than the U..S.

Costa Rica Elections & Politics

A sampling of small town political action in Atenas for a national election.
My favorite is this guy walking around town waving his party flags.
Atenas, Costa Rica
Here he is at the entrance to Mercado Central
Atenas, Costa Rica

A rare house with a large Presidential Candidate sign.
Atenas, Costa Rica
While more houses just fly their party flag. 
Atenas, Costa Rica
And this commercial space rented for a candidate or party headquarter.
Atenas, Costa Rica
And one-on-one talk with
handing out of flyers for a candidate
Atenas, Costa Rica

On February 4 Costa Rica will elect a new President and new legislature. I think local elections are at a different time. Of course I am not involved in any way with no opinion and will never vote since I don’t plan to become a citizen which is more involved than just being a legal resident, which I am. As a citizen of the states I can still vote absentee for state and national offices but not local offices. I have to vote through the last precinct I lived in which is Old Hickory since I was last at McKendree Village.

For more, read this Tico Times article on Understanding Costa Rica Elections

Of course the big city of San Jose has billboards and more aggressive campaigning.
Photo copied from  Tico Times.
San Jose, Costa Rica

Embarrassing to be an American

You guys who live in the states need to be aware that it is not easy to explain to people in or from other countries why America does stupid things like elect Donald Trump President. Today (day after the election) I have had questions like “What’s wrong with your country?” or “¿Por qué Trump? Está loco.” (Why Trump? He is crazy.) or “I hope you did not vote for Trump!” “What will happen to your country?”

One Tico friend sent me a cartoon drawing with the quote “We survived Bush and we will survive Trump too.” I do hope you guys in the states do survive Trump, and that you are prepared with some answers when you travel to other countries, especially Hispanic or Muslim countries. I will resist the temptation to rage about your right-wing politics & religion, but I am so glad I no longer live there! Blessings on you who do! “And this too shall pass!”

Finally! A U.S. Ambassador to Cost Rica!

They’ll be here in time for the
Embassy 4th of July Picnic!

See this article with video clip in the TICO TIMES:

We have been without an ambassador since 2013 thanks to the shameless, mean, Anti-Obama political stalling by Republicans in the Senate. It had nothing to do with Ambassador Haney or his qualifications, just silly hatred of President Obama that is now backfiring. Yesterday I read in the Washington Post that this kind of Republicanism is finally dying out in the states.

Be sure to read his stellar qualifications for this position in the above article. He should have been approved the day he was appointed! Hopefully he will help the U.S. image here during the one year he has left for sure and maybe he will get to stay longer if the next U.S. President is a Democrat.

I am trying to avoid politics in this blog, but this is about Costa Rica and affects us here and indirectly you there in the states. Plus I wanted to share what a great new ambassador we now have here. Some things are slowly getting better!  🙂

Some of the surrounding forest and farm land as seen from my bedroom window (above the ugly power lines)

Have you seen the Chamber of Commerce video promoting Costa Rica?  essential COSTA RICA
 Pure marketing, but it does show some of the diversity and strengths of my new home country. (2 min.)  But the shorter tourism promotion clip with singing animals is more fun! Called:  Save the Americans  made especially for those of you who are overworked!  🙂