Do Overseas U.S. Citizens Vote?

I have already told you that I voted in an earlier post. But do other adult U.S. Citizens living overseas vote? Not very many! It is as bad or worse than the voting record of those living in the states. Here is an official U.S. Government voting statistics report with cool graphs showing how many and who votes of the 5.7 million total Americans living overseas (counting children): 

2.6 million are of voting age (18+) and most of those are not even registered to vote. Meaning that in 2014 only 4% of that 2.6 million voted! Shameful! But of the ones who are registered to vote (like me) we have a better record than many states or cities within the U.S. with 57% voting! These stats are based on the 2014 election and not necessarily what will happen this year. And it is now too late to vote absentee from Costa Rica. 
There are a lot of other interesting facts shown in the colorful graphs, so follow the above link to see more. 
Costa Rica has the 8th largest group of U.S. Expats. And San Jose, Costa Rica has the 6th largest group of U.S. expats of any city, with 3 of those 6 in Canada; meaning only Tel Aviv and London have more American citizens than San Jose (outside Canada). Interesting! And Costa Rica had the 8th largest turnout of expat voting in 2014. 

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