The Missed Birds!

Many Pass Through this Dead Tree at end of my terrace.
Yesterday I had no camera when
two Keel-billed Toucans stopped momentarily & then up the hill!
and a few days ago
A Blue-crowned Motmot landed in this same tree, briefly!
Links are to one of my photos of that same bird made elsewhere.

I think the toucans were looking at my Cecropia Tree (Arbole Guarumo o Yagrumo) which is suppose to attract toucans. So far that is as close to the Cecropia as I have seen them yet. Eventually! Pura Vida!

The dead tree is soon to be cut down, so maybe that will make the Cecropia more appealing! 🙂
The Cecropia or Guarumo o Yagrumo Tree beside my terrace (a deck in the states).
And remember that I put Spanish words/names in red (when I remember).  🙂
Toucans love this tree, but mine is still young, so eventually it will get toucans.
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