My First Movie in Spanish (all the way through)

Today I saw the new Jungle Book movie in Spanish, El Libro de la Selva (click for a trailer)

It was very good with real animals animated – how do they do that?
Nothing is as good as Disney’s original cartoon films, but this comes close!
It is better than the earlier life-action movie version and yes, I understood most of it!

I went by myself as most of my adult friends don’t go to children’s films and most gringos wouldn’t see one in Spanish! Plus I wanted to try the VIP “Premier” theater again where I sat in a huge recliner and had waitresses bring me food and drink. Pretty cool!  🙂  And oh yeah, two days ago I downloaded the book Jungle Book on my Kindle and read it first. That helped! It is just a few short stories in a bigger book of assorted jungle and animal stories by Rudyard Kipling including another favorite of mine, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi. Wow! I’m really enjoying life! Like a little kid!  🙂

My homework assignment for tomorrow morning’s Spanish class was to write a sentence or two on what has been the best day of my life. I wrote that it is always today! Then told about going to this movie! Here’s the uncorrected version before taking it to class tomorrow:

El Mejor Día en Mi Vida

El mejor día en mi vida es hoy. Siempre ha sido. ¡Yo he tenido muchos buenos días pero yo vida para hoy! Y nuevas experiencias. Pero para la tarea (removed unnecessary “yo”) ha sido ayer (removed unnecessary “es”) mi mejor día, porque he visto una película en español, El Libro de la Selva. He entendido lo suficiente para disfrutar. He leído el libro primero!

Okay, the red shows the editing that was done to my work in class. Not major changes but representing the kinds of mistakes I continue to make. This is work! 

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