Parrots & Parakeets in Nicaragua

All are too high or far away for my camera to get a good photo, but here they are:

Orange-fronted Parakeets
Montibelli Nature Reserve, Nicaragua

Pacific Parakeets, Chocoyero-El Brujo Natural Reserve
Ticuantepe, Nicaragua
Hundreds of parakeets fly in every evening to nest in the holes in a high rock wall.

White-fronted Parrot
El Jaguar Nature Reserve, Nicaragua

White-crowned Parrot
El Jaguar Nature Reserve, Nicaragua
He was actually greener than this shows.
Late afternoon light/shadows do funny things in photos. 

About Parrots on Wikipedia

And since the Pacific Parakeet was a new one for me. I read this paragraph on Wikipedia and learned that El Chocoyero is the only place any of them live now, so a rare parakeet also called Nicaraguan green conure. Wow! I live close to a lot of cool places! And really glad I spent a week in Nicaragua not only because I got photos of about 85 species of birds but I love the place now!

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