New Terrace Table & Chairs

I asked my landlord if I could have new cushions or cushion covers for the 4 large, clunky chairs with the large glass-topped table where I eat most meals. He agreed that they were very worn, dirty and some with broken zipper and Velcro tabs. So he said he would get one of his workers to find a seamstress to make new ones! (That’s the Tico way!) I go on the healthcare tour for 3 days and return to find a brand new table and chairs! I suspect it was cheaper to get this smaller, lighter-weight set than get new cushions if even available. So I have something brand new and fresh for my guest coming a week from Tuesday! And I like it! Even the smaller size!

There are a lot of advantages to renting! New furniture is one!  🙂
It makes the terrace look larger!
And looks good from inside too! I like it better than the old one!
Fresh and airy! New and clean!
I’m ready for Reagan now!

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