This Month’s List from Atenas Today Newsletter (Not all blogs are from Atenas! And by listing I am not recommending! Most I have not seen.):

We are providing a list of blogs that might be of interest to our readers. By providing this
information, we are not endorsing or accepting responsibility for any content found therein.
Please contact us if you have any other blogs of interest that you would like to share. These are
alphabetized for your easy reference. Please advise if you find that some blogs no longer exist.

Biolley Buzz   bcrcoffee.com
Bunky Bartlett   http://www.bestofcostarica.org
Carole Connolly   http://carolejeanscostaricacapers.com
Claudia Leon   http://photoleraclaudinha.smugmug.com/
Charlie Doggett   http://costaricadecisionprocess.blogspot.com/
De La Pura Vida Costa Rica   delapuravida.com
Dennis Easters/Pure Life Development   http://www.atenasrealestate.cr/index.php/blog
Diane Miskell   http://dianascostaricablog.blogspot.com
Going Like Sixty   http://goinglikesixty.com
Julie and Rick in Costa Rica   http://julieandrickincostarica.blogspot.com/
Marietta Arce   http://marisundays.wordpress.com
Mi Chunche   michunche.com
Nadine Hays Pisani   happierthanabillionaire.com
New Life in Costa Rica   http://www.anewlifeincostarica.com/nuevo_vida/
Paul Furlong motorcycle blog   http://eyeneo.com/
Pura Vida Mommy   puravidamommy.blogspot.com
Rubiatica   rubiatica.blogspot.com
Shannon Farley   http://enchanting-costarica.com/
Somewhere In Costa Rica   http://somewhereincostarica.com
Su Espacio   http://www.suespacioatenas.blogspot.com/
The Real Costa Rica   blog.therealcostarica.com
The Very Worst Missionary   theveryworstmissionary.com
The View From Here   theviewfromherecr.blogspot.com

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